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"A true winner always does his best, never to the glory of self, always to the glory of God. With God's help I will be a true winner today!" The Winner's Creed


Our academic philosophy is to create an engaging learning environment for all students and to maintain a curriculum centered on Jesus Christ and His Holy Word.


Education that focuses on individual learning capacity is inherently expensive, and it would not be possible without the support of local believers within the community.

Contact Information

1833 McMichael Road
P.O. Box 287
Burt Lake Road, MI 49717
Phone 231-548-2216
Fax 231-548-2291


Soon we will be posting links here to regular news updates of school happenings. We would love to have students and parents contribute by helping capture stories and events for us to post. If you love writing, photography, video, etc. This may be a neat opportunity for you to help out. Email if you are interested.